1. After School Games is my idea of a video game store. I wanted to appeal to both young gamers and older games as well as the casual crowd and the “hardcore” crowd. I created the logo in Illustrator using basic elements such as the ellipsis tool and changing the leading within the text. I used the bricks from the castles from the Super Mario series to give the effect of a bricked wall of a school. I created the red “A” button to make the logo pop out and to reference a gaming console controller. The arrows are something that most fighting game enthusiasts should be familiar with. The arrows in After School Games logo creates a half-circle, a different way to say that the store is well-rounded in its selection. My choice of the half-circle started out as a way to incorporate Armor King’s Double Arm Swing (Giant Swing) notation within the logo, but I ended up dropping the SQUARE button in the end product.

    Fonts:  After School Games - Karmatic Arcade | ”A” : Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold | Arrows: PizzaDude Pointers

    Red Circle: [RGB  R 255 | G 0 | B 0] [CMYK: C 0 | M 99.4 | Y 100 | K 0] [PANTONE 185 C]

    Image Credits:

    Store Photo: Empty Store Front, Dixon, IL by Wayne Wilkinson

    Bricks: http://www.spritestitch.com/mario-castle-home-sweet-home-pattern/


  2. The above are photos I created for the website of my idea, After School Games. The first two pictures are web banners that would go on the site if there was a tournament held at the store. The red banner is of Kazuya from Tekken, representing a Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament. The blue banner is of Mario, representing a Super Smash Bros: Melee tournament. To achieve the finish product, I found a picture of Kazuya and Mario, imported them into PhotoShop to change the levels a little, then imported the pictures into Illustrator and did an image trace. After the image trace, I put the new pictures into PhotoShop and did a color fill to get the background colors. The finishing touch was bringing the logo over from Illustrator to sit on top and behind the characters.

    The third photo contains pictograms that would be used on the website. The button titles are self-explanatory for what they would be used for, but that’s not the point. I wanted the website buttons to appear retro with a little twist. The photos used for the buttons are from classic video games with a slight brush stroke filter on them. The cheats button is a reference to the infamous “Konami Code” that was popularized with the Contra game. The circles and color choices were used to make the pictograms stand out more. I used a Rough Pastel feature on the circles once I filled them with color and it created an effect that was reminiscent of a glitchy video games so I decided to stick with it.

    Font: Karmatic Arcade

    Kazuya Banner [RGB: R 239 | G 6 | B 6] [CMYK: C 0 | M 100 | Y 100 | K 0] PANTONE 172 C

    Mario Banner [RGB: R 68 | G 140 | B 203] [CMYK: C 72 | M 36 | Y 0 | K 0] PANTONE 279 C

    Home Button [RGB: R 255| G 0 | B 113] [CMYK: C 0 | M 98.25 | Y 27.04 | K 0] PANTONE 213 C

    Forums Button [RGB: R 21 | G 208 | B 0] [CMYK: C 71.83 | M 0 | Y 100 | K 0] PANTONE 361 C

    Checkout Button [RGB: R 231 | G 103 | B 0] [CMYK: C 5.04 | M 72.57 | Y 100| K .4] PANTONE 7578 C

    Favorite Button [RGB 69 | G 8.6 | B 255] [CMYK: C 77.48 | M 67.78 | Y 0 | K 0] PANTONE 7683 C

    Image Credits:

    Kazuya Banner

    Mario Banner

    Warp Pipe (Home) 

    Link To The Past Treasure Chest (Forums)

    Rupee (Checkout)

    Heart Container (Favorite)

    Cheats Button


  3. The client for this work is Guppy’s of Speed, North Carolina. The original logo did not have any aspects that would grab attention, so I decided to revamp their logo. To accomplish this task, I worked solely within Illustrator. When I think of homemade foods, natural ingredients and cleanliness comes to mind. I tried to reflect that with a picture of clouds and the green grass on the logos. I put an angled brush stroke filter on the picture to give it the appearance of a painting. The title was achieved using a rough pastels filter on the font and it gave it a hand-drawn effect. I used an arch path to make the company title pop out a little more. I placed their contact information in a red box to give the appearance of the “little red barn” and to make it pop out but not detract from the information on each respective label. To achieve the circles, I used the ellipsis tool and created a clipping mask on the photo. I then went through the layers and increased the stroke on the outline of the circle. With the increased stroke, it gave the appearance of a border. For the Sweet Potato Butter, I used the orange tone to give off the Thanksgiving feeling. For the other products, I found pattern swatches online and used those as a decorative border. I typed the ingredients along a path I created using the ellipsis tool to give a fun feel, and to not detract from the product itself.


    Guppy’s - Hobo Std Medium

    Product Title - Kefa

    Ingredients/Contact Info - Hobo Std Medium


    Guppy’s Orange Outline [RGB: R 247 | G 148 | B 0] [CMYK: C 0 | M 50 | Y 100 | K 0] PANTONE 715 C

    Red Box [RGB: R 190 | G 30 | B 45] [CMYK: 15 | M 100 | Y 90 | K 0] PANTONE 7621 C

    Image Credit:

    Berenty Field and Sky by David Dennis


  4. I wanted to create a variation of something widely recognized, at least by avid iPhone users. 

    I took a screen shot on my iPod Touch of searching and saving an image of Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller. Instead of “Save Image” I replaced it with the iconic phrase of “Save Ferris”. I accomplished this on Photoshop with the magic wand and filling in the space with content-based colors making the space look smooth and natural. I conducted research and found out which font Apple used for iPhone so I used the same font and changed the kerning to further emulate the font. I noticed that iPhone text has an inner-glow so I also emulated that as well to make it seem as real as possible.

    This variation may not strike at first, but once you notice it, you cannot help but smile if you are a fan of the movie.

    Image Credit: http://eddieonfilm.blogspot.com/2011/06/by-rhett-bartlett-appreciation-of.html

    Font: Helvetica Neue


  5. I was thinking of ways to create a variation on things we normally find in everyday life and I was also in the mood to watch some 80s movies. It then donned upon me to combine the two together.

    I found a road sign template and used the magic wand on Photoshop to get the outline of Elliot and E.T on the bike away off of the official movie poster. Then I changed the levels on Elliot and E.T. and placed them in the middle of the road sign template. It is very simple and sweet, yet it represents more than meets the eye.

    Image Credits: 

    http://www.alwaysjacked.com/2012/10/the-art-of-fatherhood/ - E.T. Movie Poster

    Japanese Warning Road Sign: Author - Monaneko


  6. These are just variations of a recent logo I created utilizing a ligature of my middle name. I wanted to play around with the visual while still maintaining the core aspect of the original logo. Xavier Mellows is just a new producer name that has been floating in my head. The font for “Xavier” represents bold and smoothness, while “Mellows” I went with a more edgy font to contrast the name of “Mellows”. The colored variation is a nod to eBay as I started getting involved with eBay. Every variation is just a different take on a trend that I have noticed or enjoyed.

    Fonts: Impact, Blaze ITC TT


    (Multi-Colored XAVIER)

    Blue [CMYK: C 63. 18 | M 21.92 | Y 0 | K 0] [RGB: R 63 | G 169 | B 245] [PANTONE 298 C]

    Green [CYMK:  C 55.41 | M 0 | Y 96.55 | K 0] [RGB: R 122 | G 201 | B 67] [PANTONE 7488 C]

    Orange [CMYK: C 0 | M 50.84 | Y 96.16 | K 0] [RGB: R 255 | G 147 | B 30] [PANTONE 1495 C]

    Red [CMYK: C 0 | M 96.51 | Y 90.06 | K 0 ] [RGB: R 255 | G 29 | B 37] [PANTONE 1788 C]

    Pink [CMYK: C 0 | M 66.17 | Y 3.28 | K 0] [RGB: R 255 | G 123 | B 172] [PANTONE 211 C]

    Dark Red [CMYK: C 17.32 | M 100 | Y 100 | K 7.87] [RGB: 191 | G 22 | B 28] [PANTONE 7621 C]

    (“MELLOWS” text outline)

    Blue [CMYK: C 85. 5 | M 72.44 | Y 0 | K 0] [RGB: R 0 | G 59 | B 255] [PANTONE 2728 C]

    (“MELLOWS” Box)

    Green [CMYK: C 88.7 | M 31.68 | Y 73.91 | K 18.45] [RGB: R 0 | G 115 | B 88] [PANTONE 341 C]


  7. Snowboarding represents freedom. I wanted to represent that freedom of snowboarding on another level with the green sky accompanied by the phrase “The sky is blue”. The phrase is completely contradictory to the background as it is another way of saying “I play by my own rules”. I wanted to take a timeless approach using a classic font and a simple overall layout.

    Image Credit: Bright Blue Sky And Clouds 2 by ArtmasterRich

    Font: Arial Black


    Pink [CMYK: C 0 | M 69.8 | Y 35.59 | K 0] [RGB: R 255 | G 115 | B 127] [PANTONE 805 U] 


  8. Growing up in the nineties, I noticed bold fonts and logos, so I wanted to utilize those aspects in a personal birth announcement. The background is actually a picture of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers crystallized on using PhotoShop. The big bold logos are things that reflected my childhood and what my parents were into around that time. I made sure that “It’s a Boy!” was bigger and at the top to give a focal point, while my name was in a different font as I feel that my name would have been placed on the birth announcement after the fact so the fonts would not have matched.

    Image Credits:

     Bhspitmonkey Old School Game Con…By: OCAL






    Fonts: Comica BD, Marker Felt


    Light Blue [CMYK: C 63.05 | MYK 0] [RGB: R 0 | G 201 | B 255] [PANTONE 311 C]

    Orange [CMYK: C 7.9 | M 46.99 | Y 100 | K .09] [RGB: R 231 | G 148 | B 0] [PANTONE 7564 C]

    Green [CMYK: C 84.44 | M 15.81 | Y 100 | K 4.21] [RGB: R 17 | G 148 | B 0] [PANTONE 355 C]

    Red [CMYK: C 16.55 | M 100 | Y 100 | K 8.2] [RGB: R 192 | G 0 | B 2] [PANTONE 200 C]

    Dark Blue [CMYK: C 76.41 | M 46.98 | YK 0] [RGB: R 0 | G 130 | B 255] [PANTONE Medium Blue C]


  9. StarFox 64 was a huge part of my childhood (as well as college years) The Nintendo 64 was known for its use of polygons to create characters and at the time, was extremely visually compelling. I wanted to take a different approach to the classic and make Fox McCloud appear as if he was painted. First, I traced an image of Fox. Then I imported the image into Illustrator and used Image Trace to darken the edges. Then I added a brush effect for the final product. It reminds me of cell-shaded video game characters, it makes me imagine how the StarFox universe would be if it were completely imagined in this way.

    Image Credit: http://starfox.wikia.com/wiki/Blaster?file=FoxSF64.jpg


  10. This is an example of high contrast. The first step to this process was tracing the photo of Asuka Kazama (Tekken) on to tracing paper. Once that was done, I traced the contour with a marker and then filled in the areas with shadows and dark colors with the marker. The first time around, I imported my traced image straight into photoshop, which was a bad decision. The end result was pixelated and did not come out how I wanted it at all. The second time around, I imported the same traced image into Illustrator and rasterized it. This allowed me to use the image trace option. The new product is what I was looking for the first time around.

    Image Credit:



  11. N.E.R.D. is one of my favorite group of musicians. From left to right: Shay Haley, Chad Hugo, and Pharrell Williams.

    I enjoy high contrast and silhouettes, so I decided to combine the two in a text collage. I imported the picture of N.E.R.D into Photoshop and achieved the silhouettes using the magic wand tool. I created the text collage from cutting out articles and letters  from Electronic Musician. I printed out the picture of N.E.R.D, placed it on to the text collage and scanned it back into Photoshop for the end result


  12. I decided to put my own spin on Giacometti’s signature continuous line by isolating certain parts of the bikes with certain line styles. I chose a bike because I used to ride my bike all the time when I was younger. It reminds me of something I would doodle in middle school.


  13. This is an example of full range. I imported a picture that I took of my dog, Ranger 2, into Photoshop and used the graphic pen filter to achieve the final product. The different shades on Ranger 2’s coat and the shadows of the kennel really helped the filter work effectively.


  14. From top to bottom:

    "Nooooo" was achieved in Illustrator and using the Free Transform tool. I chose that word because it’s a popular phrase from Star Fox 64 and I was watching an episode of Powerpuff Girls that had a funny scene with this word.

    Font: Copperplate Gothic Bold


    "Deed" not much to this piece just an example of stacked text. I thought the capital E’s would look interesting if I reversed the middle line.

    Font: Arial


    "Malcolm" the pokéball was added as an ‘O" because Pokémon was and still is a big part of my life. Not so much with the new games, but I still play through Silver and Sapphire to this day. I am currently on Pokémon Yellow, I just entered Mt. Moon!

    Font: Arial

    "Xavier" is a ligature of my middle name. I am very happy with how this came out. It’s simple, yet effective, due to its positive and negative space. I am using this as a logo for my music work.

    Font: Impact


    "Fox McCloud"

    I always wanted to use type as an image. Another homage to Star Fox 64. I found pictures of fox fur and clouds, then I typed over the images, then used the clipping mask in Illustrator to achieve the final product.

    Font: Myriad Pro


    Image Credits:

    Pokéball - http://clubpenguin.wikia.com/wiki/File:Pokeball.png

    FOX image - http://www.photos-public-domain.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/orange-tabby-cat-fur-texture.jpg


  15. In August we were approached by the Wilson Health Department to create a toolkit filled with ways to promote awareness for breast cancer for surrounding counties. The section my group (Michael DelSardo and Kevin Stotesbury and I) was assigned were types of television ads that could be produced to promote awareness. We came up with three sample television ads 1) spokesperson, either a celebrity, survivor, doctor. 2) Still Frame: for educational access channels or campus television. 3) A voiceover which is similar to the still frame except equipped with a voice informing the viewer on breast cancer awareness.